OKCrete Concrete Flatwork

OKCrete offers quality flatwork concrete services to enhance the look and functionality of any area around your home or business.

Our expertly crafted solutions offer a solid foundation for driveways, patios, sidewalks, and more. Elevate your outdoor space with sleek, customizable designs that withstand the test of time. Explore our range of options and bring lasting quality to your home’s exterior with our professional concrete services.

What is Concrete Flatwork?

Residential concrete flatwork refers to the creation of smooth, level surfaces using poured concrete. It’s the sturdy foundation beneath sidewalks, driveways, and patios in homes, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Concrete flatwork relies on a trio of essential ingredients:

1. Aggregate: Incorporating sand, gravel, and rock to fortify the structure.

2. Cement: The bonding agent that, upon mixing with water, holds the aggregate in place and forms a solid surface.

3. Water: A vital ingredient that initiates the concrete’s hardening process, ensuring durability and strength over time.


How Concrete Flatwork Will Improve Your Home

Investing in quality concrete flatwork is an easy way to take your home’s exterior aesthetic up a level and increase its overall value. Whether you plan on putting it on the market or simply want to add more worth, freshening up driveways, steps, and sidewalks can make all the difference — not only visually but financially too!

With plenty of design options that cater to varied tastes (including brush-textured services for exterior work and customizing with stains or dyes), today’s homeowners have lots to choose from when looking to update their outdoor space.

Strength & Durability

Concrete flatwork stands as a testament to strength and durability, embodying resilience that withstands the test of time. This solid foundation not only endures the weight of daily traffic on driveways, sidewalks, and patios, but also maintains structural integrity in industrial settings like warehouse floors and loading docks. Its innate ability to resist wear, cracking, and erosion speaks volumes about its lasting power, making it a reliable and enduring choice for both residential and commercial applications.


What Are the Benefits of Concrete Flatwork?

Concrete flatwork can add curb appeal and value to your home or business with minimal effort and time. Here are some of the benefits of getting concrete flatwork from OKCrete.


Basic gray concrete slabs remain the norm in construction, but flatwork offers some level customization. OKCrete offers additional customization options such as:

– Incorporating pigment into freshly poured concrete through troweling

– Stamping designs or business logos onto the surface

– Creating patterns by scoring or rolling to mimic textures like brick

– Brushing the surface to reveal rough aggregate for increased slip resistance

These choices present a unique chance to transform plain concrete into a branding tool or add an artistic flair to spaces. 


Flatwork is the most economical while providing high strength and resistance than other flooring materials like brick, stone, and woodwork. The initial installation costs are lower than those materials and require very little maintenance over time. This makes concrete flatwork an excellent long-term investment that will continue to look beautiful for years.

Applying concrete flatwork can be done efficiently on both inside and outside surfaces. Some floors, such as wood or marble, may require complicated installation procedures and extra care for preservation. With flatwork, you can enjoy its beauty without having to worry about keeping up with treatments or repairs.


Flatwork is also ideal for residential spaces due to its versatility. It can be used outdoors in areas such as terraces or patios where its beauty stands out against nature’s background. Plus, concrete flatwork can include floors, patios, sidewalks, garages, basements, walkways, driveways, steps, and patios.

Moreover, should you ever wish to renovate your space, you won’t have to worry about removing costly floor tiles, as the existing concrete slab can always be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost! 

Low maintenance

Maintaining concrete flatwork demands minimal effort, particularly when installed and cared for correctly. After complete curing, a sealant serves as a shield, protecting the surface by filling microscopic pores that commonly absorb water and chemicals, thus preventing unsightly stains.

Even industrial spills and stains don’t have to mean the end for flatwork. A yearly regimen of 3,000+ PSI power washing, coupled with resealing, protects the concrete, maintaining its exception condition and protecting both its appearance and structural strength.

Concrete flatwork services from OKCrete can add value, prestige, and durability to your property while being cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Strong, Functional, Beautiful Concrete Surfaces

OKCrete can pour a flat concrete surface for just about any need. 

Whether it’s for your home or business, to enhance its look or improve the function of the surrounding area, OKCrete can help. Here are examples of some common uses for concrete flatwork.

Basketball Courts

Always been wanting your own basketball court? OKCrete can make your dreams come true with a beautiful concrete basketball court. OKCrete is here to make sure your court looks and plays its best. We assess the ideal location, then develop a design adapted to size, shape, and color scheme, all tailored perfectly to you. Our concrete experts always bring high-grade materials and cutting-edge methodology so that the finished surface will remain solid over time. Let OKCrete create your dream basketball court!

dumpster pad concrete flatwork

Dumpster Pads

For many businesses, a concrete dumpster pad is essential for efficient and streamlined waste management. Not only can these pads provide durable support with minimal maintenance required, but they also increase the aesthetics of any workspace by enhancing the overall look and feel. Above all else, their strength ensures that even large commercial trash cans or dumpsters attach securely to be emptied quickly – making them an efficient addition to any facility.

Loading Docks

Concrete flatwork is an ideal choice for loading docks due to its exceptional durability and strength. Its solid composition can withstand heavy loads and constant traffic, providing a reliable surface for the smooth operation of loading and unloading activities.

Spa/Hot Tub Pads

Enhancing your after-work relaxation with a hot tub or spa is the epitome of comfort. Once you’ve made the necessary investment, it’s essential to ensure its safety and stability with a custom-built concrete pad from OKCrete. Our team of experts will guarantee that your hot tub/spa pad is robust, even, and long-lasting to match the lifespan of your hot tub/spa, giving you peace of mind and years of enjoyment.


The look and functionality of your home or business are critical, and a concrete driveway is a key element that can enhance both. OKCrete provides expert installation of concrete driveways that will last for decades, are easy to maintain, and can be customized with stamped or colored designs.

Concrete flatwork stands as an excellent option for driveways, offering a sturdy, long-lasting surface that ensures varying weather conditions and frequent vehicle use. Its durability and low maintenance make it a practical choice, ensuring a smooth and reliable path for vehicles while enhancing the overall curb appeal of a property.

Foundation Slabs

The foundation slab is the backbone of any building, and it’s critical to ensure its strength and durability to guarantee the safety and longevity of your home or structure. The experts at OKCrete are dedicated to providing concrete foundation slabs that offer unmatched durability and strength, guaranteeing that your home or structure will remain safe for years to come.

With our team’s expertise in planning and installation, you can trust that your foundation will be expertly crafted and set to withstand the test of time. Let OKCrete take care of your foundation needs, and rest easy knowing your building is in good hands.

Garage Floors

Your garage is a space that sees a lot of activity. It’s a multitasking area that needs to handle foot traffic, equipment usage, storage, and vehicular traffic. For this reason, it is essential to have a durable, easy-to-clean and functional concrete floor installed by OKCrete.

We take pride in providing accurate measurements and expert pouring to ensure a perfect fit the first time. We offer customization options such as coloring and stamping to make it unique and tailored to your aesthetic preferences. Trust in our team to provide a garage floor that will withstand the demands of daily use and add value to your home or business.


Patios are an ideal way to enjoy the summer, whether by hosting BBQs, outdoor dinners or relaxing while taking in the sunset. The key to a delightful patio experience is having a visually appealing surface that is functional, sturdy and low-maintenance. That’s where a concrete patio from OKCrete comes in.

Our expert team can design and install a concrete patio that can handle all the wear and tear of outdoor furniture movements, foot traffic and weather elements. We also offer the added touch of customizing the patio with coloring and stamping options to integrate it with your backyard or home’s aesthetic seamlessly. Trust us to bring you a patio that will elevate your outdoor living space and endure the test of time.


Porches are the perfect spot to unwind, relax and entertain in the warm months. A sturdy and durable concrete porch from OKCrete can be the foundation for all your summer gatherings, whether for enjoying a morning coffee, hosting an evening get-together or watching the sunset. A concrete porch is not just functional but also low maintenance and can withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic and changing weather conditions.

At OKCrete, we not only provide expert installation but also offer the option to customize the porch with coloring and stamping options to match the style of your home. Trust us to create a concrete porch that will elevate your home’s aesthetic while providing a long-lasting and sturdy foundation for outdoor gatherings.

Pool Decks

Pool decks are an integral part of backyard living and are an ideal place to entertain, relax, and soak up the sun during the warm months. A concrete pool deck from OKCrete can provide the perfect foundation for all your summer fun.

The durability and strength of concrete can withstand constant exposure to water, foot traffic, and temperature changes, ensuring that your pool deck will last for many summers. Plus, we can treat the concrete as non-slip or add texture for barefoot grip. 

And not just functional, our team can customize the deck with coloring and stamping options to match the style of your home and backyard. Trust the experts at OKCrete to create a beautiful and durable concrete pool deck that will enhance your outdoor living space’s overall aesthetic, safety, and functionality.


Sidewalks and walkways are an essential element of any property. They provide a functional pathway to connect different areas of your property and enhance the overall aesthetic. A concrete sidewalk and walkway from OKCrete provide a durable and low-maintenance solution that can withstand constant foot traffic and changing weather conditions.

OKCrete not only ensures expert installation but also offers customization options such as coloring and stamping to match the style of your home or commercial property. We can create a gorgeous and functional concrete sidewalk and walkway that will stand the test of time and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.

Parking Lots

A parking lot is an integral part of any commercial or industrial property. It’s a high-traffic area that needs to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. A concrete parking lot from OKCrete provides a durable and low-maintenance solution that can handle the weight of vehicles, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of the surface.

OKCrete also offers customization options such as coloring and stamping to match the aesthetic of your commercial or industrial property. Trust our concrete and design experts to design and install a concrete parking lot that will stand the test of time and enhance the overall appearance of your property.

OKCrete is here to help you with any concrete flatwork you need. If you have a unique project, we can work with you to make it happen.

The Flatwork Process

These steps below explain how rebar-reinforced slabs come to be.

Soil Excavation & Site Preparation

Effective site preparation stands as the optimal preventive measure against potential settling, cracking, and chipping of concrete.

This preparation involves excavation, which entails clearing and leveling the ground. Initially, a single-drum roller compresses the soil to prepare it for a level concrete slab. The cleared space needs to be sufficiently deep to accommodate a layer of subbase (such as slag or gravel), a few inches thick, preventing future natural settling and movement.

During this phase, the contractor might also install a vapor barrier to shield the slab from moisture and water present in the subbase, averting potential absorption.

Form Installation

Although concrete possesses viscosity, it tends to flow into irregular shapes without proper constraints. To address this, construction crews utilize wood or plastic outlines while pouring the slab, ensuring defined boundaries and straight edges simultaneously.


Interior flatwork often incorporates reinforcements such as rebar or welded wire mesh, bolstering the slabs’ cohesion while maintaining their tensile strength. Optimal placement typically involves arranging rebar in a grid-like formation at approximately two-thirds of the slab’s height, ensuring enhanced structural integrity without compromising flexibility.

Concrete Pouring

Once the cement, aggregate, and water blend into a dense mixture, a ready-mix truck pours the concrete into the mold. Following this, the screeding and troweling process begins, meticulously shaping the poured concrete to achieve a compact, level surface.


Newly poured concrete requires a full 28 days to completely dry and undergo the curing process, gradually hardening into a durable surface. Once fully cured, subcontractors have the opportunity to apply a sealant, effectively preventing stains and water penetration into the concrete.

How Long Does Flatwork Take?

The duration of the entire flatwork process varies based on its intended purpose, spanning from 24 hours to two weeks. Freshly poured sidewalks and driveways typically dry within 24-48 hours, becoming suitable for foot traffic. However, it takes an additional 5-6 days for the concrete to reach 70% of its strength.

For more exterior projects covering around 10,000 square feet, such as parking lots or sidewalks, completion usually occurs within a week. For instance, scheduling a sidewalk replacement on a Friday afternoon would allow safe customer access by Monday during regular business hours.

Full curing, hardening, and the ability to support heavy machinery typically require around 28 days. Interior flatwork endeavors, especially in sizable warehouses or retail pads, tend to be more intricate. Factors like rebar, vapor barriers, insulation, and increased square footage may double the estimated timeline.

A two-week timeframe is usually sufficient for concrete to dry and support moderate use in interiors. This might necessitate a strategic approach for existing offices and warehouses, possibly resurfacing areas separately to avoid a 28-day shutdown.

Remember, the curing rate hinges on factors such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation, influencing the overall timeline.

OKCrete Can Install Your Concrete Flatwork Project Quickly, Efficiently, and Cost-effectively

OKCrete is here to help with all your concrete flatwork needs. We have the equipment, skill, and experience to install concrete flatwork perfectly and on time. We provide a full assessment of your project before moving forward, accounting for surface area, function, and drainage, to ensure a smooth process and final product.