What is Covered by Your Concrete Contractor’s Warranty?

So, you’ve opted for a concrete contractor to lay down a stunning new concrete slab for your upcoming project – great idea.

A professionally done concrete surface installation like a concrete patio, driveways, pathways, and pool decks can elevate the appearance of your home or business while enhancing outdoor safety functionality.

What Falls Under the Warranty?

What risks accompany hiring a professional for your concrete installation? What sort of concrete defects are common, and which can be attributed to the contractor? And importantly, what is covered under a concrete warranty?

Understanding the specifics of concrete floor warranties is crucial. While many warranties encompass material and workmanship flaws for a set duration post-installation, they might not account for everything that occurs thereafter.

Concrete Curbing

What Can You Expect When Your Concrete is Poured?

Pouring and allowing concrete to set can be viewed as more of an art than a precise science, often guided by experience. Various natural elements can influence and lead to typical problems in your finalized concrete project. Understanding potential outcomes during the pouring process and their coverage under warranty is essential.

It’s important to note that each concrete contractor might have specific, unique regulations regarding what falls under coverage and what doesn’t. These guidelines are general in nature. Make sure to thoroughly review your contract to understand the specifics.

Beware of ‘Too Good to be True’ Warranty Covers

Watch our for unscrupulous contractors who use warranties as a shield for subpar work, adopting an approach of “we’ll address complaints later.” This is NOT how we conduct business at OKCrete!

Some contractors offer appealing warranties but might disappear if issues arise. When comparing quotes, consider the included warranty, ensuring a fair comparison, and take into account the company’s overall reputation. 

At OKCrete, our numerous 5-star reviews attest to our commitment to getting the job done right the first time and promptly addressing any issues within weeks, not delaying necessary repairs.

We refrain from offering extended warranty covers like 2-, 3-, or 5-year terms because any material or workmanship issues typically manifest within weeks, not over years.

What Can You Expect When Your Concrete is Poured?

Pouring and allowing concrete to set can be viewed as more of an art than a precise science, often guided by experience. Various natural elements can influence and lead to typical problems in your finalized concrete project. Understanding potential outcomes during the pouring process and their coverage under warranty is essential.

Increased Value


    Concrete cracking is an inevitable occurrence in all concrete, often a source of frustration for both contractors and homeowners. While contractors can’t promise crack-free concrete, they can implement measures to minimize significant cracks. In the case that cracks do emerge, they might offer assistance in repairing them.
    According to industry standard practices, repairing or replacing cracked concrete typically applies to cracks wider than a quarter. If the crack surpasses this width, major cracking repair or replacement might become necessary. Generally, surface or hairline cracks don’t fall under warranty coverage, but major cracks may qualify.

Flaking & Popping

    Concrete, though highly durable, isn’t invulnerable to issues. Severe weather extremes, like intense cold or heat can lead to concrete surfaces to flake or pop off. While this might reveal the underlying aggregate, it typically doesn’t compromise the exterior concrete slab’s structural integrity. 
    Contractors are unable to warranty damages caused by severe weather conditions as these elements are beyond control. As per industry standards, repair or replacement or flaking or popping concrete usually applies when a minimum of 20% of the total work area is affected. Depending on the situation, contractors might consider warranty coverage if 20% or more of the entire work area experiences flaking or popping issues.
      Root Barrier


        Achieving precise color matching in concrete is a challenging task. Contractors strive to meet your color preferences, yet numerous chemical reactions during the process may lead to color alterations.
        Concrete evolves in color during its curing period, often spanning weeks. Contractors usually do not offer warranties for concrete colors that deviate from the exact match or undergo discoloration over extended periods, such as months or years.
      Increased Value
      Shifting & Settling
        Over time, movements and settling surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, patios, or garage floors may happen due to various factors like sub-grade adjustments, underground root growth, or shrinkage in subsurface layers. This occurrence is considered normal and typically isn’t covered by warranties.

      Frost Heave


        When temperatures decrease, the water within the concrete mix freezes, leading to heaving and cracks. These cracks, resulting from natural events, typically fall outside of warranty coverage. However, preventative measures like driveways sealants exist to absorb elemental stress, protecting the concrete’s appearance and structure.
        Upon newly pouring concrete, numerous elements influence the project. Contractors advise waiting at least 45 days for the new concrete to properly set before evaluating any potential damage and its eligibility for warranty coverage.

          Questions to Ask About Your Concrete Contractor’s Warranty

          Before you decide on a concrete contractor and give them the green light to start pouring, you must research their offered warranties. Here are some questions to ask your contractor to ensure you have the best coverage for your concrete projects:

          Reduced trimming time

          Who will enforce the warranty?

          Contractors often subcontract jobs to other contractors. Be sure to ask who is responsible for the warranty should it be needed.

          Undisturbed landscaping

          Can I negotiate my warranty?  

          Ask to see the contractor’s warranty document and see if there is anything you can add to it or make more specific to your project.

          Long Lasting

          Will the warranty be affected by the project schedule?

          For larger projects, there could be other contractors working together or one after the other. A good contractor will wait to ensure a perfect pour at the best time, despite other contractor’s work schedules.

                Long Lasting

                Can I get everything in writing?

                Sometimes warranties are implied. Ensure that you get everything in writing to avoid confusion. Ultimately, whatever’s agreed to in writing in your contract is what is included. Your project may not have any warranty included and any warranty customizations you request will likely increase your project’s total cost to account for the additional risk taken on by the contractor.

                      What a Concrete Contractor Wants You to Know

                      As a concrete surface dries and settles, it’s normal for subtle imperfections to appear. Minor cracked concrete or shifts that arise during this process likely won’t fall under any warranty coverage. Be cautious of contractors promising to cover these cosmetic issues under concrete warranty, as they may be more interested in financial gain than providing reliable service.

                      Exterior concrete installations face various natural elements beyond a warranty’s scope. Contractors cannot control weather conditions, ground temperature, pollen, moisture, or wind. While most reputable contractors aim for optimal pouring conditions, quick completion might be necessary for your project.

                      A proficient concrete contractor should outline the potential settling effects on your concrete, distinguish structural cracks, and clarify warranty coverage for slab replacement or repair.

                      If you’re considering a concrete project in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or surrounding areas, whether it be exterior concrete or interior, OKCrete offers exceptional concrete work and warranties. Click the link below for a complimentary on-site estimate and comprehensive explanation of OKCrete’s approach to post-installation concerns.