Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

OKCrete can add or repair concrete sidewalks and walkways to add to the look and functionality of your home or business

Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete walkways and sidewalks are a vital aspect of any property, serving as a means of transportation plus adding curb appeal with our decorative options. At OKCrete, we think sidewalks and walkways can be more than just a way to get from point A to point B.

From coloring to stenciling and stamping, we offer nearly unlimited ways to get you the concrete path you want while simultaneously providing top-quality work and exceptional customer service.

Our team of professionals is experienced in Oklahoma’s unique climate and soil conditions, using only the best materials and construction techniques to ensure longevity. Whether you need repairs or new construction, we can handle it all with licensed and insured technicians who prioritize safety and attention to detail.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits and options you can expect from the sidewalks and walkways services from OKCrete.

Benefits of New or Repaired Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

You may not realize it, but sidewalks and walkways are essential for your home or business’s look, safety, and functionality. They tie one space and location to another and provide safe passage throughout your property. Here are some more benefits of having new or redone sidewalks and walkways with OKCrete.

Improved Safety

1. Improved safety:  Well-maintained sidewalks reduce the risk of trip-and-fall accidents.


    2. Enhanced curb appeal:  Decorative concrete can add aesthetic value to homes and buildings.

          3. Increased property value:  A well-designed and maintained sidewalk can improve the overall value of a property.

            4. Durability:  Concrete is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

            5. Cost-effectiveness:  Concrete is a cost-effective option for sidewalks and walkways compared to other materials.

                  6. Low maintenance:  Concrete sidewalks and walkways require minimal maintenance, saving time and money.

                        Improved Accessibility

                        7. Improved accessibility:  Smooth and level sidewalks enhance accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges.

                        8. Sustainable:  Concrete is a sustainable material that can last for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

                              If you need a new sidewalk or walkway, OKCrete can help you create a concrete connecting path that does more than get you from one place to the next. We have many options for getting the sidewalk or walkway of your dreams.

                                    Sidewalk and Pathway Options From OKCrete

                                    Concrete has come a long way from being a boring slab of flat gray material. Now, you can customize your sidewalk or pathway in many ways.

                                     Add color, texture, and style to match your home, business, or yard, and complete the look and transitional space of your area any way you want. Here are some ways OKCrete can give you the sidewalk or pathway you’re looking for.

                                    Stamped Sidewalks

                                    Stamped Concrete

                                    Stamped concrete offers an exciting way to improve a walkway with its almost infinite pattern and color options. From classic materials like brick or slate to wood planking and nature-inspired motifs — you can create a look for your outdoor space that will blend in perfectly with other hardscaping elements around your home.

                                     And if one decorative surface treatment isn’t enough, stamped concrete can also be combined effortlessly with exposed aggregate finishes and chemical staining. Whether it’s traditional elegance or something more eye-catching, OKCrete can create the look you want. Find out how cost-effective this stunning feature could be on your property today.

                                    Custom Concrete

                                    Stenciled Concrete

                                    Stenciling is a creative and customizable way to create decorative brick or stone patterns in concrete. Stencils are laid on top of the fresh concrete, creating realistic “mortar joints” while masking off the underlying surface. Then dry-shake color hardener can be applied for an eye-catching finish that looks like individual stones or bricks pieced together.

                                    With options ranging from running-bond brick designs to slate tiles, there’s sure to be something perfect for your project!

                                    Colored Concrete

                                    Colored Concrete

                                    Adding beautiful, permanent color to your walkway is an excellent way of personalizing the exterior of your home. With chemical stains, integral dyes, and dry-shake hardeners available today, you can create an artistic impression that’s as distinguished as durable. And if there’s something specific you’re looking for in terms of hue and tone, custom color matching ensures that perfect match!

                                    If traditional gray doesn’t fit with what you have in mind, then don’t settle! Explore all the options out there with colored concrete to make sure your sidewalk or walkway stands out from the crowd.

                                    Aggregate Finishes

                                    Exposed Aggregate Finishes

                                    Sidewalks are often adorned with a beautiful pebble-like finish that looks great and is designed so people can easily walk on the surface. Exposing an aggregate of colorful stones in concrete gives you visually appealing results without spending too much money.

                                    To create even bolder and more dramatic effects, consider using different colored stones or developing areas of both smooth and exposed finishes for greater contrast!

                                    OKCrete Can Make Your Sidewalk and Walkway Dreams Come True

                                    Sidewalks Finished

                                    Some people dream about having the perfect sidewalk and walkway to match their home, yard, or business. Some people just want a high-quality, safe, functional pathway from one point to another. Either way, OKCrete can make it happen.

                                    Our concrete professionals will not only pour and install a perfect sidewalk or pathway, but they will help you create a vision and execute it. We have the tools and the talent for any concrete sidewalk job in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, plus the unmatched professionalism you should expect.