Storage Unit Pads and Parking Lot

A storage unit business in Grand Lake, Oklahoma needed a lot of concrete flatwork for their storage units pad and parking lot.

There’s no job too big for OKCrete.

A commercial client in Grand Lake is expanding their storage unit business and needed a massive lot to construct their warehouse. They also needed it to be level and very sturdy. They stressed that the monetary value of the items inside the structure would be pretty high; therefore, the structure and the concrete it rests on would need to be firm.

The size of the concrete lot was also something that the client was worried about. They needed a concrete pad half the size of a football field, which had to be of the highest quality.

The client called OKCrete, we worked out all the details, and began the job immediately. Our team worked from the crack of dawn and pushed through until we finished the job.

The finished product was a beautiful and robust concrete pad fit to house the massive storage units that would soon be sitting safely on top. We also poured an enormous parking lot adjacent to the building area to accommodate the numerous cars that would soon be using it. The client was delighted with the finished product from OKCrete and went to work on constructing the storage units.