Oklahoma Concrete Slab Foundation

A reinforced concrete slab foundation in Mounds, OK. At OKCrete Oklahoma Concrete we build to last!

There’s nothing more important to the structure of a house than its foundation. That’s why you need to trust OKCrete to pour your house’s foundation.

One of our clients in Mounds was building their new house and required us to pour the foundation. They had a beautiful vision for their new home, and it all started with getting OKCrete to pour the best foundation for them to build upon.

If there is one thing OKCrete takes seriously, it’s ensuring that the foundations of people’s homes are strong, secure, and safe. Foundation-building is a complex process but one that we have perfected over the years.

First, we dug trenches around the house, filling them to make a solid base. Then we constructed our rebar and set them on chairs so they did not sink to the bottom. This meant the rebar would be in the middle of the concrete, increasing its strength. We also took great care to ensure that the rebar and chairs were correctly spaced for maximum strength to ensure minimal cracking and that they will look good for many years.

This homeowner and many others like them were beyond satisfied with the work done by OKCrete.