Oklahoma Colored Concrete Driveway with Diamond Saw Cuts

A red-colored concrete driveway project in Henryetta, OK with diamond saw cuts, reinforced with rebar.

We had a client looking for something special for their driveway and walkway. They wanted elegance, uniqueness, and durability, all in one driveway. It was also not your typical driveway job, as they also wanted a nice pathway. They thought it might be a tough ask of us. OKCrete said, “No problem.”

This customer in Henryetta, Oklahoma had a beautiful piece of property with a garage that needed a long and sturdy driveway, but also something that conveyed beauty, class, and a homey-type feel. They also wanted it to look like separate pieces were used to construct the driveway and a hint of color to make it unique from all the other driveways in the area.

First, we poured a level pathway connecting the driveway that will withstand heavy foot traffic. It will also ensure that all the water is drained away from the house. It flows beautifully and evenly from the home to the driveway.

Then, OKCrete delivered a beautiful driveway of colored concrete with diamond saw cuts. We added a lovely red dye to the concrete and thoroughly mixed it in so that even if a piece chips, no white concrete will show. We then expertly cut in diamond patterns to give the driveway an elegant look that will provide beauty and value to the home for years to come.