Colored and Rock Pattern Stamped Concrete, Pool Deck, and Patio

A beautiful colored, stamped concrete project in Collinsville, Oklahoma. This project included a rock patterned pool deck and patio.

We recently had a homeowner ask us to perform a unique and challenging job with the concrete around their pool deck and patio in the backyard of their home in Collinsville, Oklahoma.

The homeowner recently had a large pool installed in the lawn of their backyard and needed a significant concrete barrier between the pool and the grass, as well as a concrete patio for hosting pool parties.

OKCrete was more than up to the challenge and fulfilled all the homeowner’s expectations. We ensured that proper forming and slope for drainage were used so the pool deck patio could be enjoyed for years to come. 

We installed a massive patio of concrete that perfectly framed their new pool, added patterns to the concrete to resemble intricate stonework, and provided stamped corner pieces that added an element of elegance to the whole project.