3 Reasons to Consider a Pergola For Your OKC Home

Adding a pergola to your Oklahoma City home can significantly enhance your outdoor living space for a variety of reasons.

Adding a pergola to your Oklahoma City home can significantly enhance your outdoor living space for a variety of reasons. These reasons include a delightful source of shade, an elegant contribution to the aesthetics, and it expands your outdoor living space in a fun, beautiful way. Considering these three reasons, a pergola becomes an excellent addition to any Oklahoma City home, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Get Shady

In the blistering heat of Oklahoma City, where the sun can be unforgiving, pergolas serve as invaluable sanctuaries, providing essential shade for outdoor spaces. Shielding you from the harsh rays, pergolas create a cool oasis, making your outdoor living activities infinitely more enjoyable and comfortable. By strategically placing a pergola, you can design shaded areas in your property, allowing you to lounge, dine, or entertain guests without worrying about the scorching sun overhead.

Picture this: you, your family and friends, enjoying a summer day on our outdoor patio, relaxing under the pergola. Not only does it help with temperature, but it’ll make your outdoor living space the place everyone wants to hang out at.

Gotta’ Love the Aesthetics

Pergolas are not merely functional additions to your property; they’re also beautiful architectural elements that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Their graceful designs and elegant structures add a touch of sophistication and charm to any area, transforming an ordinary outdoor area into a visually stunning retreat.

Whether you choose a classic, rustic, or contemporary design, pergolas create a focal point that captures attention and enhances the overall ambiance of your home. Covered in climbing vines or lights, pergolas can create a magical atmosphere, especially during the night. Imagine having a nightcap outside under the pergola with lights wrapped around its arms, giving off a warm, comforting glow.

By seamlessly blending the surrounding landscape, pergolas create a harmonious balance, making your outdoor space not just functional, but also incredibly picturesque, inviting you and your friends to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings in style and comfort.

Expanding the Space

Pergolas are transformative pieces that expand your outdoor living space in a myriad of ways. By adding a pergola to your yard, you’re essentially creating an outdoor room, a versatile extension of your living area. The new space can be utilized for a variety of purposes from creating a dining area, to crafting a cozy lounge for relaxation and entertainment.

Pergolas provide a defined structure that encourages you to arrange your outdoor furniture creatively, effectively maximizing the available space. They also offer a sense of enclosure and privacy without entirely closing off your outdoor area, giving a perfect balance between openness and intimacy.

There’s a lot you can do with pergolas when it comes to decoration. You can always add curtains, drapes, or climbing plants like vines to enhance the privacy, or you can intertwine twinkling solar lights around it to provide some light to the area.

Whether you’re seeking a quiet retreat for solitary moments or a vibrant venue for social gatherings, pergolas provide the ideal solution by seamlessly extending your living area into the great outdoors.

Are You Ready for A Pergola?

Whether you desire a classic traditional appearance, a sleep farmhouse style, or a contemporary masterpiece for your yard, OKCrete has the expertise to bring your outdoor living space vision to life. All you have to do is share your vision with us and we’ll illustrate how it will come to life in your very own backyard. Not sure of your preferences? Allow us to assist you in crafting something distinctive that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

In addition to these three reasons, pergolas offer increased property value on your house. If you’re looking to sell in the future, you’ll have a unique, beautiful area to point out in the listing, which will give your home more appeal than the others. Sure, anyone could have a nice porch or deck, but when a property looks like an oasis, that’s where the attention drifts to.

What Does Concrete Have to Do with Pergolas?

Well, being that pergolas are substantial outdoor structures, they typically require a stable foundation to ensure their durability and longevity. This is where concrete comes in. While it’s not an absolute necessity, installing a concrete slab underneath the pergola is highly recommended for several reasons.

It will provide a solid, level surface and prevent the structure fro sinking or tilting over time, it acts as a barrier against ground moisture – preventing wood rot and other forms of decay, and it’s an easier and more secure way to anchor the pergola securely, especially in areas prone to high winds or seismic activity.

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