Maximizing Outdoor Living in Oklahoma City with a Concrete Pool Deck

Is your home ready for the spring and summer?

Embracing the vibrant outdoor lifestyle in Oklahoma City is an art, and at the heart of this experience lies the essential feature that transforms a backyard into a haven of leisure – the concrete pool deck. We’re going to go over the unique considerations and possibilities specific to Oklahoma City, exploring how a well-designed pool deck becomes a key player in maximizing outdoor living. From withstanding the region’s weather nuances to incorporating local aesthetics, let’s get into how a concrete pool deck can elevate the outdoor experience in the dynamic landscape of Oklahoma City, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

Integral Color Concrete

With OKCrete, you have the flexibility to select the integral color of your concrete, empowering you to choose the perfect hue for your new pool deck. This option expands your choices, providing additional avenues to enhance and customize the overall aesthetics of your yard.

Stamped Concrete

OKCrete presents an array of stamped concrete options that elevate the aesthetic appeal of the concrete surrounding your pool, providing a more refined and luxurious ambiance. Choose from a diverse range of stamps and textures to impart an extra touch of class and beauty to your pool deck.

The customization possibilities for this are extensive. Tailor your selection by picking the concrete color, stamp pattern, and even the border surrounding the stamped area. Opt for a textured surface for added depth or a smooth surface for a sleep finish.

For those seeking a truly distinctive appearance, consider blending this method with other materials such as glass or gravel. This innovative choice not only adds a unique touch to your driveway, patio, or walkway, but ensures a look that stands out in its exclusivity.

Broom-Finish or Textured Finished Concrete

While the concept of broom-finished concrete might seem straightforward – achieved by dragging a broom across fresh concrete – it imparts an exceptional design and texture to your pool deck.

Textured concrete imprints offer a unique tactile quality to the deck without the addition of color or sealant, introducing extra character and improved grip for enhanced safety.

The combination of colored, stamped, and textured concrete delivers stunning beauty to your home, yard, and pool deck at a surprisingly affordable cost. Through the art of texturizing, stamping, or coloring your concrete, you elevate its appearance, making budget-friendly concrete exude an air of elegance and sophistication.

Concrete Pool Decks are More Affordable Than Other Options

Constructing a pool deck for your swimming pool can be done in a highly cost-effective manner with concrete. Compared to alternatives like pavers or stone, concrete pool decks prove more economical. The affordability stems from the fact that concrete, while reasonably priced, maintains the durability and aesthetic appeal associated with pricier materials. With years of experience in pool deck installations, OKCrete stands as your trusted partner, offering the best prices in the Tulsa area for both affordability and quality.

Style It

As mentioned before, you have the flexibility to personalize the appearance of your concrete pool deck with various style options. Whether you opt for added color, intricate stamp designs, or diverse textures, the choice to stylize your pool deck with concrete offers numerous advantages.

  1. The aesthetic appeal is unparalleled. The distinctive texture grants your deck a unique and envy-worthy appearance that will undoubtedly stand out among your neighbors.
  2. It enhances safety by providing extra grip. Poolside areas are prone to slip and falls, but textured concrete can significantly reduce the likelihood of such accidents.
  3. Opting for a concrete style for your pool deck translates to easy maintenance. No need for costly sealants or finishes; the inherent color and texture of the concrete are inherently sufficient, ensuring a hassle-free and naturally appealing deck.

Concrete Lasts a Long Time

Concrete, when expertly installed and reinforced, stands as a resilient material with ensuring longevity. This characteristic not only makes it a cost-effective choice in comparison to alternative materials, but also positions it as a strategic long-term investment that adds substantial value to your property and home.

Constructed to endure the constant foot traffic of friends and family, laughing and playing for years on end, concrete surfaces guarantee both durability and a lasting contribution to the overall quality and worth of your residence.

Other Concrete Projects for Your Home

OKCrete doesn’t only do pool decks, our concrete contractors are skilled and experience to tackle many different concrete projects such as a concrete driveway; a specific concrete slab for specific needs such as a basketball quart, a hot tub slab, etc.; concrete sidewalks; concrete patios; custom concrete; and so much more.

If you wish to create a decorative concrete slab for your patio or for another area in your backyard, we got your back. You tell us what you’re thinking for a concrete project and we’ll go over everything to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want and more.

If you notice that you need a concrete repair done, we can do that too. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll talk.

Projects for Your Business

Yes, our concrete business excels at residential concrete projects, but we also tackle concrete needs for businesses as well. We can handle concrete parking lots, new concrete around the property such as a sidewalk or concrete slab specifically for your logo, etc. There are many options and concrete services when it comes to the concrete business and we can help you with all of your wants and needs.

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