Concrete Shop Pad and Concrete Patio with Splash Pad

A fun concrete project for work and play! We installed a large concrete shop pad for work and a backyard patio with a built-in splash pad for fun.

This customer in Coweta, Oklahoma had a unique concrete need: They wanted a pad for their shop and a splash pad in their backyard patio. They needed a solid foundation to store their outdoor tools and machinery, plus an outdoor area where the kids could safely play and. enjoy the sprinkler system.

For this unique backyard idea, we provided a giant concrete pad for their shop and an extra area outside for water and rinsing usage. We ensured that the ground was level, the area was the exact size the client needed, and that the concrete was poured perfectly so as not to crack or crumble throughout the heavy use it would undoubtedly take.

This Coweta backyard shop needed a heavy-duty concrete floor that could withstand the rigors of machinery, vehicles, and tools, and OKCrete delivered. 

In addition to pouring concrete for work, we make concrete areas for play. One of the critical elements of properly pouring concrete is drainage, and since this job included a splash pad for the kids, we ensured that the proper drainage would take place in the correct areas so that flooding would not be an issue.